The Autistic Adult Choir is the world’s first and only performing adult autistic choir.

Founded in 2015 with initially only five members, TAAC is now a fully fledged choir of more than twenty members, with singers throughout the UK. We are based at St Botolph without Aldgate church in London.

The Autistic Adult Choir seeks to develop the musical skills and creativity of adults on the autistic spectrum, and is open to every adult with their diagnosis who wishes to participate, regardless of prior musical knowledge. In providing a safe space which can foster the talents and skills of autistic adults, it seeks to mitigate the social exclusion and marginalisation which many autistic adults experience. The choir’s members say that the rehearsals and performances give them a good opportunity to meet other autistic people, help them become more confident and are fulfilling.

We would be delighted to joined by possible supporters in this unique venture.